July 25, 2011

Stuff I Made: Cafe Light Canopy.

Dreamy strings of cafe lights have been draped across so many dinner tables and wedding celebrations lately. Check out these gorgeous settings. Wouldn't you just want to linger forever? Someone would have to call a cab for me and physically force me to go home. 

Nekos says I start one of out of every three sentences with the words, "So I've been thinking ..." 

So, anyway, I HAVE been thinking for years now that we need a dang pergola on our deck--mostly because I want to hang lights up there and grow wild vines and give the space more height and drama and privacy. I was at a cafe with some girlfriends last week and noticed how simple and romantic the patio looked with strings of lights stretched across the night sky. So Nekos and I came up with the idea to rig a faux pergola, and Nekos made it a reality while I kept Tessa from climbing the ladder, manning the drill, or engaging in any other emergency-room-worthy mishaps. 

We installed five flag brackets on the rail of our deck--evenly spaced out--and put broom sticks in each one. On the end of each broom stick was a hook, which connected a string of lights to our house, where we also put hooks spaced evenly apart. 

4 strings of cafe lights (Target): $51.96
5 broom handles (Home Depot): $24.90
5 flag brackets (Home Depot): $34.85
hardware (Home Depot): $11.96
= $123.47 Total Cost 

You guys? I love it.