July 28, 2011

Stuff I Wore: Bon Iver Concert/Double Date.

Turns out these boots are not made for walkin'. That's just how they do. But once a year when I wear them I feel nine feet tall and invincible. 

Last night I was off mommy duty and on beer-drinkin'-cheeseburger-eating-Bon-Iver-concert-hearin'-double datin' duty. It was a fine night. Bon Iver at the Ryman: It doesn't get much better than that. He closed the show with a stomping-and-clapping a cappella version of "Skinny Love" and played my all-time favorite, "Blood Bank." Major goosebumps. And we did it all with new friends Faith and Chris! They moved here from L.A. not long ago, and we heart them. 

Tulip Cardigan - Anthropologie
Chambray Romper - Ever
Boots - Gianni Binni 
Purse - Louis Vuitton Speedy (strap added by moi)
Necklaces - Vintage
Bracelets - Amrita Singh