August 5, 2011

Guilty Pleasures.

You know how it's said that integrity is how you behave when no one's looking? Well, when no one's looking I'm usually not doing anything that would win me any humanitarian awards. I normally try to sneak in a guilty pleasure. 

Speaking of, I'm getting a massage this afternoon and am so looking forward to it. To the quiet and the stillness. And the ironing out of the stress that's knit into my lower back. By 'guilty pleasure' I mean, 'Did I really just spend $100 for an hour of totally selfish and fleeting pleasure?' Yes, and thank God for it. Here are some of my other favorite guilty pleasures:
1- Social smoking. Totally bad, I know. (Mom, don't be mad.) But insanely satisfying with a beer here and there. 
2 - Luxury items I can't afford. Every once in awhile I say go for it. This Chanel purse is totally on my list of go-for-it items (one day). 
3 - Sleeping in. Possibly my favorite of all guilty pleasures. 
4 - Celebrity culture. I feel compelled to check in with at least once a day. My celebrity obsession has actually tapered off now that I've refocused it on blog culture. :)
5 - Beauty products/candles/soaps. 
6 - Beer. Wine's fine. Whiskey makes my toes curl. But beer, oh man. It's so tasty.
7 - Peanut butter and jelly. And the fact that I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every day.
8 - Country music. Nekos hates that I listen to country music in the car. But y'all, really, there's some pretty satisfying sing-a-long stuff on country radio.
9 - Eavesdropping. There's this one coffee shop I go to to get work done and I often pretend to be focused on my work when I'm actually listening in to, say, a recovering alcoholic at the next table who's telling her sponsor about her latest toxic relationship.
10 - Time away from my kid. Me + Nekos + No Tessa = Goodness.