August 30, 2011

Restyle: Too-Big Shirt Gets Downsized

This was another of my online shopping fails that needed fixin'. I ordered this vintage shirt from etsy or someplace many months ago. It was an XL, sure, but a vintage XL which is normally like a medium these days. So I thought it would fit. Anyway, point is, the thing swallowed me up and spit me out. And it wasn't a matter of just needing to be taken in on the sides. The arms and chest were way huge, too. So it sat on my to-be-mended shelf all this while until I found this tutorial from Melissa at I Still Love You. Her refashion tutorials have become my favorite because they make so much sense. (This one about how to shorten sleeves while maintaining the original cuffs is really cool, too.)

I pretty much followed her tutorial but, as with most sewing things, also ran into some problems when it came to reattaching the sleeves to the shirt's armholes and had to figure it out myself. So, now, I have a shirt I'm pretty sure I'll wear the crap out of this fall. I just love the off-center ruffle. 

Thanks to my mama for taking my "after" pics today :)