August 6, 2011

Salvage Yard Style.

I heard recently about the graveyard of treasures that is Nashville's Haileys Salvage yard when an interior designer friend (Shonna Sexton) posted the two pictures below on Facebook. I stared at them for the longest time, imagining the rows of old clawfoot tubs and stacks of discarded windows, mantles, and doors, thinking how I could use them.

Nekos and I tried to pay Haileys a visit today, but they closed before we got there so I'm planning a trip later this week. It's probably for the best anyway because it was rainy and gray and I think on a sunny day Nekos could really take some cool pictures there. Also, I need to get my game plan together.

Priority No. 1: A perfectly weathered door frame or two to turn into a headboard for our king-sized bed. We've been heardboard-less for nine years now. It's time. Lots of people are painting old doors vibrant green or red and using them as headboards, but since we're not lacking for color in our house, I want to find a white or neutral-colored old door to use. Here are some my favorites:

Sources: 1, 2, 3
A couple of other salvage-yard-style headboards I like:
Source: 1, 2
Speaking of ingenious uses for old doors, local shop OMG (Old Made Good) recently made this bad boy. Wouldn't it make the best kitchen island?
Source: OMG, Nashville
Do you guys have any good ideas for repurposing salvage yard finds? I'll keep you posted about what we score there.