August 15, 2011

Ten Dolla Window Make Me Holla.

It doesn't take a lot to give me a thrill. Here was today's:

I scored this window at the Habitat for Humanity building supplies store on Division Street (thanks to Squirrel Pearl for the heads up about that place!) and as soon as I saw it, my heart did a roundhouse kick. The window had just been carried in by a sweaty guy and didn't have a price tag on it yet. When the sales guy considered it for a minute and then told me it was ten dollars, I said "I'll take it" so quickly that he laughed.

I was really still on the hunt for the perfectly beaten-up door to use as a headboard but turns out it's hard to look through doors when you're holding a baby who's asking for crackers (over and over and over again). I need to save that for a solo mission later on, I suppose. But also it seems windows are occupying the same place in my heart that doors did last week. Just have a look at these "old window" ideas on Pinterest.

I broke the very bottom left pane of glass as I was putting the window into the car. Figures. But where I ended up putting it you can't even tell. Tessa took great pride in helping me Windex the glass, just so's you know.

Anyone have a clue what this style window is called? Or what time period it might be from? I'm clueless. 


  1. what a great score! that corner looks great Ellen. not sure what the window style might be called but there is def some goth going on with those peaked arches.

  2. So you DO have a ReStore! Wonderful! I figured every large city would :) Great find and it looks great grouped with the mirrors!

  3. love the entire setup in your living room! Very cool and eclectic. My fav. Great find!

  4. Just came across your blog and love it! I live in Nashville too and am constantly treasure hunting as well. Check out my blog Your baby is super cute!

  5. Great find! I love the wall of frames, etc too.
    First visit to your blog, going to look around some more :)
    p.s. The window looks like a simpler (for the home?) version of gothic architecture.

  6. I am a mirror freak! Love your wall of mirrors and it looks perfect with the window. I agree with Mel, i think it is a waterdown version of Gothic.