August 22, 2011

This Week I Will ...

  • Try this recipe for bacon-chocolate chip-pecan cookies. They just sound reaaaaaal good to me.
  • Also, try this recipe for tuna rangoon from my fave cooking blogger -- Andie with Can You Stay for Dinner? Have you heard of her? Everything I've ever made from her website has been delicious, and her writing is just as yummy. She just scored her first cookbook deal! 
  • Workout three times. I've been on a roll with this the last few weeks because I'm trying to use it as a way to help my insomnia. Toning up would be totally acceptable to me, too. I discovered Zumba (like five years after everyone else), and I'm in love. I'm so terrible at it but I don't even care because it's so much fun and I can pretend for two seconds that I'm Janet ... or Britney. "Slave 4 You" Britney. 
  • Find at least one book set in Barcelona to read before and during our vacation there. Two weeks from now!
  • Start on Nekos's anniversary and birthday presents. We agreed not to spend any money on presents this month because our trip is our present so I'm thinking creatively. 
  • Finish a sewing project or two.
What will you do this week?