September 16, 2011

Birthday Ingredients.

On Saturday night we're having a few friends over to celebrate my final descent into the big 3-0 because on Monday I'm turning 29. About a year ago I was really freaked out about the fact that teenagers consider me ancient and that my under-eye area is a complete disaster, but lately I've been relaxing into this growing older thing. Mostly because: My life is fun. If this is what getting older is like, I'm so down.

Nekos and I have always been party-throwers but even moreso since we had a baby. Because, you know, you can't take a baby to a bar. So we bring the bar to us. Classy, huh?

About once a week I say to someone, like it's a big revelation or something, that "you can't plan a good time." Because it's true, y'all. I just don't think that all the decorations and good food in the world can make a get-together good if it's not meant to be good. In fact, some of our best shindigs have been the ones that we didn't know we were having until an hour beforehand. All that's to say: Here's a little photo collage of what I have planned for Saturday. Here's hoping for a good time. Hope you all have wonderful weekends yourselves!

SOURCES: mani, dress, scalloped garland, cupcakes, salmon thai slider, wine, mirrorball (nekos)