September 14, 2011

Stuff I Made: A Fabric Accent Wall.

The best vacations are the ones that hardcore inspire me. I came home from Barcelona dead tired but crammed with fresh ideas about clothes and home decor. What can I say? Things are just different there, yo. I was not in Nashville anymore. And the new perspective was nice. Fashion-wise, Barcelona was my kind of place. I saw very few high heels, and heaps of breezy sundresses and ... harem pants. I once thought that harem pants look too much like a diaper that's long overdue for a change, and then I thought no more of them. That's until I saw so many Spanish women slinking around in them while simultaneously being in need of some new pants. (You know, that whole lost luggage thing.) One afternoon when I needed to get some work done on the computer, Nekos left me for a couple hours, saying he was going to grab a couple beers at the corner cafe and maybe ride his bike around. He came back later with a shopping bag and a smile and said, Happy Anniversary. Y'all: He got me the harem pants that I hadn't shut up about since we got there. Whatta guy.

I also stockpiled ideas from these twin shops called Ivo & Co. One was a children's store and one was home decor, and they were right across the street from one another. I loved what they were selling, but mostly I loved the way they decorated the shops and displayed their precious goods. For one, they'd created an accent wall using fabric. And they weren't trying to make it look all like oh-you-probably-think-this-is-wallpaper-but-guess-what-it's-really-fabric. It was just sort of tacked up there nonchalantly, and I thought it was the best thing I ever saw. So I had to come home and recreate it on a wall in our dining room. This place in Nashville--the Fabric Gallery--is having a 50 percent off sale on all of their fabrics and so I scooped up four yards of this floral upholstry fabric for 40 bones.

Basically all I did was use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the wall and then carefully cut out holes for the light fixtures, alarm system control pad, etc. I didn't pre-measure the fabric. I just cut it when it was already attached to the wall, which seemed to work well. I kind of love it. It's so sunny and Southern-looking.