October 23, 2011

19 Months Old.

Tessabean is 19 months old today. When considering the last month with her, Nekos and I both agree that it's been all about the talking. Every day it seems she says anywhere from one to three new words. What makes both Tessa and me so happy is that she can tell me what she wants now, and I can give it to her (if it's not going to, you know, put an eye out) and that's totally gratifying for both of us. The best, the very, very best word she's said so far? "P-wease." Which is, of course, babyspeak for pretty please with a cherry on top, mama. I worked and worked and worked on that one, and then one day she said it, and now she says it often, and she's smart to do that. Because that word totally works wonders on me. Pile of butter at her little caramel-colored feet, I'm tellin' ya. You want more sugar-encrusted gummy bears dipped in lard? Ok, sure, so long as you say "p-wease"and just like that.