October 13, 2011

Stuff I Made: Chicken Wire Catch-All

So, you know, I had those big plans to paint our bedroom white while Nekos was away. (White, by the way, is a huuuuge departure for us. We're more likely to paint a room electric pink than white.) But his plane's due to land any minute, and what he'll be coming home to instead to is a half-painted bedroom. Oh, and also to me and my open arms! I've missed my man. 

It's been all work and no play for me this last week. Which is why I haven't blogged in a few days. (Dear blog, I've missed you!) Having Tessa by myself + more freelance work than usual has left me in bad need of a girls' night and a date night and a pedicure and a number of cocktails all lined up on a bar. 

I did take some time this last day to make my chicken-wire visions a reality. Last night I Mod-Podged these clothespins while I was watching TV, and then I found myself spraypainting this enormous frame in the backyard at 11 p.m. like a crazy person. I was interested to see if the clothespins would work well with chicken wire, and they're the bomb diggity for hanging jewelry and everything else I had in mind. 

In this picture from earlier today it's just leaning against my closet doors, but now it's hanging above my vanity on a white wall. 

I'll put up some pics of the bedroom when it's done. Until then, have great weekends, you all! 


  1. Cute AND functional! Can't wait to see the finished bedroom!

  2. So cute! I have a huge empty frame that I thought about doing this with, but didn't know if I had to buy a bunch of that wire or if I could get a little? Let me know about that process. Love the mix of jewelry and inspiration!