November 4, 2011

Hats, S'Mores & The Last of Fall.

Here's life lately, through the lens of Instagram. Of note: Tessa's really into hats all of a sudden. Like, I sometimes let her take her naps in a hat because she's very persuasive about it. Her dad and I are both hat people so we're indulging this new obsession. Plus it's just plain adorable, especially when you yank the hat off and that shock of crazy hair pops out. 

And, hey, it's Friday! I have a writing deadline tomorrow, but afterwards we're going on a double date. I'm pretty excited about it, but Nekos is already brooding because he's going to miss some big football game because of it. When is football over again?

Also we finally put the finishing touches on our bedroom redesign today! The walls are painted, the curtains are hung, the art collage is up, and we're pretty pleased about how it turned out. Our bedroom looks completely different. It was rainy and gray today and no good for picture-taking, but I'll post pictures, hopefully on Sunday. Have happy weekends!