November 17, 2011

The Inaugural Vlog!

I try to get Tess to talk; I have nothing to say; and she knocks over my glass. And it's awkward. This is truly masterful cinema. Stay tuned for future episodes.

Not to talk about weather, but I am kind of dying inside over this weather. It is very, very cold tonight, and I do not approve. I am a mama bear who is trying to think of how I will pass the time indoors with my cub this winter. No swings, no slide, no rocks, grass, leaves or berries to collect, no zoo to visit, no park to lollygag around, no outdoor playdates. This is a conundrum. So I could use some indoor activity advice for other veteran parents of busy toddlers. Please!

And, also, how is it possible that Thanksgiving is a week away? What is to be done about it?