November 10, 2011

Vintage Toy Box + Vintage Bedspread = Thrifting Score.

A girlfriend today said she feels fall is a time for turning inward. I don't know that I've necessarily been any more reflective, but taking it literally, I've definitely focused a lot of energy on the inside of our home, redoing our bedroom, tweaking our office, and doing some heavy duty furniture rearrangement. I'm feathering our nest in a way that I haven't since I was pregnant with Tessa.

Most recently, we began turning our guest bedroom into a guest bedroom/playroom. Tessa's bedroom is upstairs across from ours so it's great to have one place where all her toys can live downstairs. That place used to be our living room, but we've moved all of the toys out of there and in here (which is woah!).

Our guest bedroom is already painted such a kiddie color so it works, even though Tessa hasn't quite yet figured out where all her toys have gone and has to be reminded often. Today at the thrift store I found this vintage bedspread for $4 that I fell in love with, and the color matches the walls perfectly! And also there was this old toy box for $10 that captured my heart, cobwebs and all. After a good laundering and a bleach-y wipedown, both were perfect little additions to our playroom in progress. Once it all comes together, I'll share some pictures of Tessa's playroom.

Tomorrow is big: Nekos comes home from Cleveland, where he's been on business all week, and we have a movie date planned! And also, it's my one year blog-a-versary!