November 6, 2011

White with Pops of Color: Our New Bedroom.

Our bedroom makeover is finally done! The blog post title is sort of tongue in cheek because although I've been blathering for a year or more about how much I love the idea of a "white bedroom with pops of color," I realize now that that particular combination of words is pretty ubiquitous these days. Just try Pinterest-ing "white with pop of color" and see all that comes up. :)

This bedroom re-do was a lot of work but so much fun, and we're pretty stinkin' thrilled with the result. I feel like it's bright, cozy, and inspiring. Here's what all I did, with plenty of elbow grease and encouragement from Nekos.

I started by painting the walls white, which was scary because it is whiter than white, not even cream.

And I picked up some pretty new curtains and curtain rods at World Market, which is so fun and like Anthro for less. The floral ones are the Emma curtains (I think they're sold out online now), and the burlap-y one is here. I decided to hang the curtain on the far wall a couple feet higher than the window, which made a big impact I think. 

Speaking of burlap, I made a bedskirt out of three coffee sacks. I just cut them the right length, hemmed them, and safety-pinned them to the existing bedskirt (which no longer matched the room), a couple of inches underneath the mattress. I'm pretty sure I got this idea from my friend Blair, who made burlap saddlebags for her bed that I think are awesome but unfortunately not toddler proof. 

I also turned our existing duvet cover over because the pattern there no longer matches either, and this way I get the all-white bed I've been wanting, with some help from TJ Maxx sheets. By the way, I've gone to a much higher thread count, and I'm in heaven. I don't think I'm ever going back to a 350 thread count again. Yowza.

I blogged a couple of months ago about how I came up with this plantation shutter headboard.

Nekos and I framed the John Lennon and Yoko Ono poster we used to have just pinned above our bed and surrounded them with other randoms found around our house.

I made this light out of chicken wire and spraypainted it white. 

This is the little chair that goes with my vanity table. I spray painted it white and ...

... then roughed it up with a hand sander. 

Hanging above the vanity is this chicken wire inspiration board, which I also blogged about making recently. 

I hope you dug the tour of the new best place to cuddle in the Barnes house!