December 8, 2011

Doll House Do-Over.

Oh, how many times I marched little plastic feet over these floors and tucked little people into bed and fed them play-doh meals in this doll house. My parents got it for me God knows when at an unpainted furniture store and painted it the same color of our house (back then). Now I'm so excited to "flip" it in time to put it under the tree for Tessa this year. And I'm so grateful this relic from my childhood survived the Nashville flood, which claimed a lot of my mom's other things in the out-building where my doll house (and its furniture and people) was stored, thankfully high on a shelf. 

I'm not planning on spending any money on this project, which should work out pretty easily because we've got a collection of paint cans in our basement that I can use. I'm thinking of painting the floors white once I sand the glue off. (There was once carpet glued there, but mom says my dolls never could stand up on that carpet.) And then maybe painting the outside white with purple window frames and shutters. Nice and girly. And the inside rooms? Not sure yet. 

I'd also like to make a few bedspreads and pillows for the little beds, but realistically, not sure if that will happen before Christmas. I'm so lucky to have all of my furniture and dolls still. I washed it all with soap and water and let it dry in the sunshine today while Tessa was napping. I'm definitely not going to be giving Tessa all of these things now--just the bigger pieces and then, as she grows, I can surprise her with other little items. 

There's actually a doll house makeover challenge called 'I'm a Giant' going around on some design blogs right now. The deadline is December 15 and people are getting a little cah-razy about some of these houses. We're talking hand-laid herringbone floors and spiral staircases. Major painstaking miniature detail. I mean, these people have created friggin' doll house mood boards! It's pretty cool to see, although I'm not thinking my Tessa's doll house will be near as put-together or elaborate. But lots of fun anyway!