December 12, 2011

Extra Merry.

I've been trying to think what to say about this post other than OUR CHRISTMAS PARTY EFFING ROCKED, END OF STORY. But it's God's honest truth and we're stoked about it and probably won't ever throw another party because we liked this one so much and won't be able to outdo it.

Anyway, on Saturday night we threw a Christmas party that turned into a living room dance party that no one wanted to leave so that at 3 a.m. there were still a half-dozen people sitting on our couch with their chins in their hands, sleepily waiting for their cabs. And it was sort of magic. The preparation wasn't too stressful, the turn-out was perfect, the food was yum and it got eaten, no one got obscenely wasted, perfect strangers hit it off, Nekos got to bust out his jams, and I wasn't even hungover the next day. Nekos may or may not have been hungover the next day. He will never admit it to me when he is.

The night before the party Nekos set up a "photo booth" in our guest bedroom. It's so trendy to do these photo areas at parties and now I get why. Flipping back through all the pictures people snuck in and took all night--too funny, way more funny that it would have been to stroll around and try to "capture" things. And we love that even though there's not one single picture of the actual party-party, you totally get the whole vibe of it from these pics.