December 14, 2011

The Florida Keys to My Friggin' Heart.

Trigger officially pulled. Plane tickets booked, poolside bed & breakfast reserved. Nekos and I are going to Key West for a long weekend in February! (Tessa will hang in Nashville with my mom. Thank you, mom!) This will be our third time there. We're sort of obsessed with the place because, for us, it's the perfect mixture of relaxation (read: beaches and lazy, sunny barefoot bike rides) and adventure (read: mojitos). And there's this little place we always stay where everything is white and clean and we get to eat breakfast by the pool and "plan" our day like there's ever anything on the list other than 1) eat fat mahi-mahi sandwiches and key lime pie at Blue Heaven 2) lie on beach at Fort Zachary Taylor for 30 minutes until I get bored and start getting heinously sunburned 3) decide to go for mojitos and watch bad Jimmy Buffet impersonations at some little outdoor cafe 4) nap 5) more mojitos + oysters.

This time I want to revisit Ernest Hemingway's house and his six-toed cats with a fresh eye. Before I'd never read any of his books, but this year I finally got around to reading A Farewell to Arms (liked) and The Sun Also Rises (didn't like so much). I bought For Whom The Bell Tolls today; I think it's supposed to be the crowd favorite. Have you read Hemingway? Which of his do you like best?

So, I love, love, love booking a tropical vacation in the middle of winter. Not only is it magical the few days we're there, but it gives me something to look forward to every day until then. And ... it motivates me to get my ass into some sort of shape.

I hate talking about weight, but I'm also fascinated by it and how most every woman has a deeply rooted opinion about hers. And sometimes I like to let this blog be the accountability-holder I know it can be and has been for me. The picture above was me nine pounds, one baby, and two-and-a-half years ago. It's me at my happy weight. It's me at size 8. It's a weight I can maintain pretty easily without feeling deprived. And I can so get back there in two months time with a little help from my old pal Weight Watchers and some visits to the gym. To motivate me, I bought this. Yeah, that. A bikini. It's about time for me to tell my one-piece to kiss it. I still have one year left in my 20s after all. What are your 20s for if not for bikini-wearing?

Merry Christmas to me! Eek. Did I really just post a picture on my blog of me in a bikini? I think I just did.


  1. yay for you for being so brave to post a bathing suit pic! i hate that we, women, are so hard on ourselves. you have no reason to be--you look great!

    ps fave Hemingway titles are The Garden of Eden (set on the French Riviera--so dreamy) and The Old Man and the Sea.

  2. we love the keys!!! too bad you are just going for a weekend otherwise i would come crash your party to meet you.

    yeah, the weight thing. been feeling it lately. the good old body is not the same. i would say i'm about 7-10lbs heavier since baby also. not at my most comfortable weight.

  3. FUN!! You look smokin' in that picture and I don't doubt that you still do and always will! And in my mind, there's no cut off age for wearing bikinis - if you have the confidence to rock them, rock them! :)

    (I'm a major sunburn recipient as well...that made me laugh :)

  4. i've always wanted to go to florida! so lucky! i hope you guys have a great time.
    and that new bikini is amazeballs! where did you get it?

  5. Yep, you did ! And you ROCKED it out, baby! Good for you for booking a trip. Good for you for posting a pic.(It is sad how unbelieveably hard women are on themselves and their self-image) And good for you for buying a new bikini. Have fun counting down the days!!!

  6. I love the Keys, haven't been since I was a kid. If I was anywhere near a size 8 I'd be walking around in a bikini in a snowstorm! You look fab :)


  7. i love you + this incredible post! and i love that you finally booked the trip. it seems every time i work on get over my "problem area", i find another to complain about. women. gah. you look lovely - in that pic and in real life.

  8. So envious! That looks beautiful right about now with our shitty weather in Kansas.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful place for a vacation! I've never been to Florida, but having somewhere to relax, see cute little cafes, and visit historic sites sounds just perfect! Also you look amazing in that bikini & I am SURE that 9 pounds heavier you still look amazing! That is def nothing after having a baby & I'm in the same boat as you w/ no little one to blame for changing my body- just need to get my ass working out a tad again & I'll be good to go ; )

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