December 20, 2011

Little Bits.

1/ Santa hat strawberries. (Lots of perverted jokes were made about these at our XMAS party.)
2/ Tessa at the Science Center.
3/ Swinging in a fur.
4/ My favorite XMAS buy this year--vintage Santa with a light up nose.
5/ Purple sweet potatoes!
6/ Vintage Cosco stool I got at OMG last week. I love it so much.
7/ Rainy, windy Nashville.
8/ Sleeping Tess.
9/ Garlic, olive oil, castiron.
10/ Proclaiming my love.
11/ Crayon explosion.
12/ Big, puffy clouds.
13/ Union Station.
14/ Close-up.

These are some snapshots of life recently. These are all good little bits, but I'm not going to lie: I've been under a lot of stress lately and am fantasizing about having a whole entire day to myself sometime soon. Even though all I might do on this fantasy day is sleep.

Over the weekend I caught Tessa's cold from a few days earlier, and I felt like death for about 48 hours. My voice now sounds like Demi Moore's or Angie Harmon's. Nekos thinks it's sexy but it just signals a coughing fit is near. And Tessa's Mother's Day Out program is out for the next two weeks, which means I have to be creative about when to get my work done. It's a vicious cycle because my anxiety about juggling so many things has been giving me insomnia. Again. That motherhood/work balance just eludes me some weeks. But I love both parts of my life so much that it's worth the struggle.

But there have also been lots of moments for which I'm grateful, including: A really lovely visit from some of our most favorite people (Molly and Rocky, who live in Tucson), watching Tessa play in the new "super kitchen" my Dad got her for Christmas, socializing at Nekos's office Christmas party (where he won a Kindle and then gave it to me!), and lots of time spent curled in bed reading (an upside of being sick).

I am also so grateful that this blog is on the verge of a makeover. I finally coughed up some bones to someone much, much more qualified than myself to juggle my html and make a logo and spiff this place up. I think you're gonna likey!