December 1, 2011

Stuff I Made: Pom-Pom Cowl Tutorial

This cowl was inspired by three different scarves: taking cues from the pattern of this scarf (which I made several of over the summer), from this Tory Burch scarf that Blake Lively wore, and from this Purl Bee scarf, which I think is so dope. This project is super easy for beginner sewers, by the way, but it does take several hours to make. Pour yourself a glass of wine or two, put on some music and sew yourself into cowl contentment. 

All of these photos were taken late at night on my iPhone because my man is out of town with our camera; the quality's not great, but you (hopefully) get the idea. 

1) Measure and cut your two pieces of fabric. Each needs to be 10 inches by 60 inches. I didn't have a piece of ticking that long so I sewed a shorter piece on to make it that long. (You can see that in the first pic.) We're going to cover up this ugly seam later. 
2) Use your sewing machine to attach your pom pom to the right side of the ticking, keeping it place.
3) Then line your white cotton over the pom poms and ticking and stitch it down.
4) Before you sew the other long side of your scarf, unfold your scarf so that the pom poms are sticking out and give everything a good pressing. 

5) With everything neatly pressed, bring your pima cotton piece back over to touch the unsewn side of the ticking so that the pom poms are sandwiched between the two fabrics. Stitch this closed. 
6) These next two steps only apply if you, like me, had to piece together your ticking to make a long enough piece: To cover up the horizontal seam going across my scarf, I hand sewed a piece of pom pom trim right over the seam. 
7) Here's how that looks when it's done. 
8) Then I tucked the raw edges in on both ends of the scarf, pressed them and pinned them in place. 

9) I overlapped the ends of the scarf just slightly and used my sewing machine to connect them. Don't worry that this is ugly ... 
10) ... because the last thing you'll do is hand stitch a length of pom pom trim over this ugly seam, on both the ticking side and white cotton side. And that's how it's done. 

I really dig it with a white tee shirt and my Army-green jacket, and I think it will work well through all the seasons. Let me know if you make one!