December 7, 2011

Stuff I Wore: 'Mini' Me

I haven't been able to think of anything to blog about the last five days. But then, today, tons of ideas came my way. I'm finding myself stressing out less if there are bigger gaps between posts here; I'd rather post about something that's really me rather than scrambling around to say something that, in the end, feels inauthentic. Over time, I've found that my least favorite blogs are the ones that, day after day, project the image of a perfect life. Whether they're fashion blogs or parenting blogs, they can be addictive at first, but then the high wears off and they're just annoying and boring.

My life lately has been all about work and Christmas shopping and girl time and early bedtimes. (Oh! And! We ran into Robert Plant on Saturday night in east Nashville and actually spoke to him!) Today I went to T.J.Maxx and filled up a shopping cart with crap and then ended up feeling overwhelmed and just abandoning the cart in the men's section and leaving the store. Should I just do gift cards this year? Does anyone really want a candle and a pair of boot socks from me?

Today was the first day all week that we've had sunshine, but it's also been the coldest day thus far. Still, in my book, sunshine trumps all. I also happened to be wearing an outfit today that felt super "me." Isn't it the worst when you're stuck in an outfit all day that makes you feel frumpy or awkward? Do you guys read Lucky magazine? It's my very favorite fashion magazine, and I liked the note from its editor, Brandon Holley, this month. She said that over time she's developed what she calls the "mullet" approach to fashion—pairing one "party" item with one "business" item—in other words, something classic with something fun.  That's some solid sartorial advice right there. The magazine did, however, also profile a ridiculous grown woman who takes her daily tea from an Alice in Wonderland teacup. So it's hit or miss.

Tee-shirt: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Matilda Jane, refashioned (But it never fit right on me so I refashioned it into this mini skirt, added an elastic waist and the lace trim. Here's the original on eBay.)
Tights: Victoria's Secret Opaque Tights
Booties: Navid O'Nadia
Jacket: Gap (on sale, last year)
Scarf: Anthropologie
Necklace: Vintage


  1. i know what you mean about those blogs that post something "perfect" every single day. when i first strated reading blogs my feed was full of that kind, but not anymore.
    i'm feeling overwhelmed about presents this year too. i'm thinking about doing heifer international gifts this year.
    AND i saw you at porter flea on saturday and was too shy to say hi! i saw nekos first and was staring at him trying to figure out why he was so familiar looking, but then i saw you and it clicked!

  2. What drives me crazy is knowing some of those 'perfect' bloggers in real life and knowing how not perfect their lives are, just like the rest of us! It's like a false representation and honestly, it really frustrates and annoys me.

    You look adorable :)

  3. Hi there! I stumbled across your blog from, I think, but am not sure, Pinterest. I've been reading some of your older posts and I am loving your style. Also, your daughter is so precious!! Right now though, I am having a total fangirl moment for you because you got to not only see, but talk to my idol ROBERT freaking PLANT! To quote my friends spoiled rotton 12 year old with just a subtle hint of Napoleon, "LUCKY!"

  4. @Rae, aww I wish you would have said hey! I would have loved to meet you.

    @Aunt B, thank you!!

  5. I also admire blogs that focus on quality, not quantity. Very cure outfit, and I love that blue Nashville sky!

    I have become beyond overwhelmed with shopping this holiday season. I think I am going to finish it up online and call it a day. Bah humbug :)

    What Lola Wants

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