January 3, 2012

A Few Happys.

I'm struggling badly with insomnia again these daysdagnabbit! Are you tired of hearing about that? I'm tired of thinking about it. I want nothing more than to write some splendid blog post about how I've conquered my middle-of-the-night monster. Maybe one of these days. In the meantime, I'm actively searching for some sort of solution. I spent the two hours before bed last night listening to Dr. Andrew Weil's Healthy Sleep: Fall Asleep Easily, Sleep More Deeply, Sleep Through the Night, and Wake Up Refreshed audiobook on my iPhone, but I think it got me even more anxious about my problemaffirmed its realnessand I not only had insomnia before bed (per usual) but then woke up for several hours in the middle of the night also.

On days when I'm tired, it's more important than ever to remind myself of life's goodness and to try to distract myself from how exhausted my eyes look and how weary my heart feels. Here are a few things that made me smile today.

I've been poring over this book (a birthday gift from my friend Emily that I just now am really looking through) the last two days, picking out my next projects. Written by a mother of FIVE (talk about insomnia), these are all sewing projects that use old materialsmostly vintage sheets, blankets, doilies, hankies and other odds and ends. Right up my alley.

I'm maybe most obsessed with this beach blanket, which uses 10 fabric panels and is lightly machine quilted. After I went to the YMCA today, the thrift store across the street beckoned and I picked up some good retro sheets to start compiling materials for this project. Would you believe that I found the exact same sheet as the one that she uses in the left-hand corner of this blanket?! 

And then there's this purse. I mean, I probably mostly love it because the fabric (an old curtain) she used is so dang cool, but the pattern looks terrific and quote-unquote simple enough. So I'm on the hunt for the perfect mid-weight fabric to repurpose to make one of these in time for Key West next month. 

I also found these Mexican-y leather flip-flops at the thrift store today for $2. Let's not talk about the fact that the high today was 30 degrees. 

And finally, my mama got this Underwood portable typewriter for me for Christmas. It's from the '20s. The '20s, y'all. There's a special story behind it, too, because my mom took a solo journey through New England this fall and found this typewriter in a little shop in New Hampshire. She thought of me but ended up not buying it. When she got home to Nashville, she was still thinking about it, phoned the shop and had them ship it to her. I received lots of generous, beautiful gifts this holiday, but this is my favorite. I wonder who might have typed on it so many years ago. Were there love notes drafted here? School papers pecked out at a window overlooking a moonlit Ivy League courtyard? 

Other happys:

Got my Erin Condren 2012 Life Planner in the mail last week, and it has thrilled my Virgo heart. Meant to take a picture of it, too, but here's a link to the one I got. It is fantastic! There are places for to-do lists and monthly goals, fun stickers to mark special dates, and plenty of room for notes.

One of my favorite singers and people, Jessie Baylin, is on the verge of releasing her new album Little Spark. She's been teasing us with the new tunes for years and is finally going to formally release them on January 17. In the meantime, she's been putting out all kinds of beachy, peachy singles. Check out "Holiday" and "I Feel That Too."

Here's hoping for lots of sweet dreams!