January 24, 2012

Shopping for Spring.

January's almost over, and I've only worn my heavy coat three times all winter. Tessa and I were flying high on a swing set yesterday and today, and I plodded barefoot out to the mailbox today. It's the mildest Nashville winter I'm remembering; it's been perfect, and I don't feel like I've suffered any of my usual cold-weather blues. I'm not even super wistful for spring, since I feel like we're already living it. 

Speaking of spring ... I've never ordered any clothes-clothes from the Victoria's Secret catalog before, other than swimwear and yoga pants and that sort of thing, but I always pore over everything and dogear the pages and seriously contemplate ordering stuff. Anyone else do that, too? I had a coupon code so today I did order something--two somethings--the Colin Stuart Ankle-tassel sandal (in tan) and the Embroidered Blouse (in natural). Pretty sure I'll wear both constantly and that my boobs will look exactly like Candice Swanepoel's in my new top. 


  1. Ah-mazing shirt! Adorable sandals!!!

  2. do you know the bag she is wearing?

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