January 15, 2012

Stuff I Wore: Overalls!

Jean Jacket - Gap
Tee-shirt - Target
Linen Overalls - Free People (Christmas present from Nekos)
Shoes - Converse
Purse and jewelry - vintage

These wide-legged overalls were my favorite Christmas present from Nekos, and that's saying a lot because he did super good this year. I feel very me in this oufit--comfortable, casual, half-bohemian, half-busy mommy; I think this is because overalls are in my fashion DNA. In middle school and high school I had a pair of Dickies railroad-stripe overalls that came from a Delia*s catalog, and I wore them as often as I could, slouching through the hallways with a men's flannel shirt unbuttoned over them. I've reunited with a ghost of fashion's past, and it feels so good.


  1. They are super cute! I love overalls too:)

  2. love the whole look. you wear it well. that purse is awesome and so are the overalls.
    when i was in my late teens/early twenty's i used to wear overalls all the time. i bought a pair several years ago and just couldn't do it. ended up cutting off the top and wearing them as pants.

  3. I used to wear overalls all the time in high school with my fav Doc Martins!! This whole look is awesome, love it head to toe!!

  4. I LOVE those overalls do you know who makes them? I have searched and searched and many many many pages of searching later i found this picture you and those are what im looking for!