January 27, 2012

This week.

Popcorn, eaten out of the dogs' bowls, natch. 

This week Tessa told Nekos, "Bye-bye, Dada," per usual, but then added this morsel of adorable: "I wanna kiss."

This week I cleaned vomit out of every crevasse of Tessa's car seat.

This week I found out that Tessa tested negative for the autoantibodies that might have made her a candidate to inherit her dad's Type 1 diabetes.

This week I chewed off all my fingernails after a two-month sojourn from nail-biting.

This week Nekos and I happily spent an obscene amount of money on Tessa's birthday outfit (still two months away). 

This week my girl, who usually sleeps 12 hours straight without a peep, was up at least once a night, howling for milk and food and rocking chair loving.

This week Nekos and I completed the first season of Boardwalk Empire, which is so sex, drugs and rock and roll, but in the 1920s.

This week we found out Tessa had the makings of a double ear-infection, hence the late-night howling.

This week I wrote a short story.

This week I saw a four-month old little boy in a coffee shop who made my ovaries do cartwheel after cartwheel.

This week Tessa started saying hilariously long strings of, "Ok, Ok, alright, alright, OK, OK, alright, alright, Ok, Ok," which I suspect is what she so often hears me say wearily as she asks me for her umpteenth cup of milk.

This week I fell in love with my husband. For the ten-thousandth time.

This weekend we will take Tessa to the circus. For the first time.