February 10, 2012

Postcards from Key West.

We should never go on vacation anywhere else. That's what we've decided. 

This is our third time here in Key West, and it never lets us down. It gives us that sublime combination of got-nowhere-to-be relaxation and dance-with-random-strangers adventure, plus all the key lime pie and unfussy, fresh food we can stand. Also, mojitos. And a bed and breakfast that we're slightly obsessed with because it means we get to eat papaya and pineapple poolside in the mornings. It's just our place. Away from home, away from deadlines and bills and schedules and a toddler who asks me for milk every 10 minutes, I notice different things about Nekos. The way he cradles the camera in his hands when he takes a snapshot, how nice his biceps look in a tee-shirt, how he looks after me. And I love how his skin ripens in the sun. We are in sync here. We love to see one another so happy. 

I will say though that I saw a biracial toddler today and nearly put my neck out craning for a look at her. She had a pink barrette in her hair that's the same as Tessa has. I miss our little girl, even though we're only away from her for a few days. It's so good to be able to miss someone though. And we bought her a rad stuffed frog at an insanely precious shop called Besame Mucho

I should note: I came to Key West broken down. I got here completely exhausted and with a terrible cold and took an immediate nap while Nekos went out to explore. Last night for dinner I ordered crab-stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon and topped with mango salsa and sweet chili sauce (yummiest thing you've ever heard of, right?) and then I couldn't taste it at all and kept blowing my nose into a wadded up napkin on my lap. That's how bad my cold was. Today, poof, it's all better. The ocean air and the epic night of sleep must have done the trick. And, maybe the mojitos, too?