February 22, 2012

Some Happys.

This picture of Tessa yesterday. Her eyes were gray for over a year; now they're greenish? 

New drinking glasses from Anthropologie.

This purse I made using the Mama's Bag tutorial from Handmade Home. I used the same pattern to make this beach bag, but made the beach bag much larger.

This old oil painting. I got it last week for $29 at Pre to Post Modern here in Nashville. It lives in our kitchen now, above our cafe table.

This pillow I made using an old pillowcase, thrifted hand towel and piece of crochet that a friend gave me.

I also started cutting pieces to make this Giant Star Quilt (which I love soooo much) featured on the In Color Order blog. But I'm not going to quilt mine; instead I'm going to make it into a duvet cover for the guest bedroom-slash-playroom.

This marmalade.

Also loving:

This purse.
This print.
This song.