March 7, 2012

Stuff I Love: Our IKEA Loot!

I wrote earlier this week about losing our IKEA virginity and the haul we brought home when we got back to Nashville. So here's what we got! 

I had been pinning bed canopies for little girls' rooms on Pinterest and was so excited to find the Himmel Bed Canopy. Fluffy clouds! And I like that Tessa can see her glow-in-the-dark stars through the netting at night. :)

We also got both of Tessa's birthday presents there. (She hasn't seen any of this yet.) Here is her pop-up circus tent, called the Cirkustalt Children's Tent. Adorbs, right?

And, then there's this easel. I had been holding out for a vintage easel but I loved this one too much to pass it up. It's dry erase on one side and chalkboard on the other and has that shelf for her crayons, which I hope can stay there instead of underfoot all the time. 

 Aaaand this rug for our living room.

And our most favorite thing of all: a kitchen island! We haven't eaten a meal anywhere else since we got it. The dining room table is so 2011.

Now we just need to throw another party!