March 8, 2012

Stuff I Made: Yellow Walls & Hand-Sewn Invites.

On and off for the past week, Nekos and I have been painting our guest bedroom a pale yellow called "Pismo Dunes" by Behr. He does the rolling, and I do the detail work, standing on my tip-toes or crouched down on all fours. This suits our personalities perfectly. He slathers and I dab, both of us eager to undo the bright blue that we for some reason thought was totally awesome five years ago. It's already one of the sunniest rooms in our house, but now this space is positively beaming. I can't wait to share finished pictures soon. 

Also, to keep my hands busy on the car ride to Atlanta, I made Tessa's second birthday party invitations out of paper, fabric scraps and embroidery floss. The party theme is: balloons! Because, like every other two-year-old, she thinks balloons are, like, a miracle.

I made this card, too, probably as a thank you note for someone special. 

This wasn't my first rodeo sewing on paper, but this year I need to tap my mom for her gorgeous handwriting so I don't spoil my hard work with my scribble. Two years ago there were Christmas thank you notes made from the tiniest fabric squares and last year a batch of first birthday invites with bunting sewn across the top. The sound that a needle makes when it punctures paper? So satisfying.