March 22, 2012

What Would Karen Wear?

Sometimes, getting dressed in the mornings (when I do actually get dressed in the morning), I think, "What would Karen wear?" and it totally helps. Karen from Californication, you know. What that basically means is that I wear my boot-cut jeans, a button-up shirt, a bright scarf and aviator sunglasses, plus some jewelry. It works every time. In five seasons, as the quality of the show fluctuates, Karen's style has stayed totally solid, a really well-curated collection of casual '70s-inspired pieces that tell us exactly who her character iscool, calm, collectedin spite of Hank Moody and all his asshattery. 

Like so:

Sources, clockwise: aviators, bellbottoms, belt, button-up, boots, maxi dress, earrings, scarf 

Good stuff, huh? I like to do fashion wish-lists with each new season (see winter and fall), but this summer I'm determined to shop out of my own closet, which is pretty dang stocked. Watch out, closet. 


  1. i'm doing the same and decided to just buy a few layers to make certain dresses new again :)

  2. I absolutely love Karen's style. it just seems so easy and laid back. I hope you post more blogs about her style... I could use any and all suggestions lol.