April 9, 2012


It's been a long while since I blogged, but I've been feeling under the weather lately and not up to it. Blogging can stop but taking care of a two-year-old never does. There have been lots of fun moments this last week, though. We got a kick out of taking Tessa on her first egg hunt, and I couldn't believe it when she went down easy for a nap in her big girl bed. I think we're going to attempt the transition from crib to twin bed in the next couple of weeks. I ordered some bumpers for her bed to keep her from rolling out, but I've got to say I'll miss the way she kisses us goodnight every night through the slats in her crib. 

We also had a backyard movie night at our house Friday night and projected Dazed and Confused and The Big Lebowski on a big screen strung over the lawn. I made these super chocolatey chocolate chip cookies and this bunny bait, and there were lots of white Russians circulating. 

There was a family walk through 5 Points in East Nashville, a visit to the pizza parlor, and the flowers we planted along our front sidewalk. My mom kept Tessa Thursday night so I was able to see Nekos spin records at this bar, 308, where he's been joyfully filling in for another DJ who's out of town all month. I also got to hold a friend's newborn baby this week. I forgot how sobering and sort of terrifying a newborn isso fragile and stilland all those incredible noises they makegrunts and squeaks and sweet, milky yawns. Hope Easter was good for each of you! I'll be back soon with pictures of Tessa giving the easter bunny a bear hug. 

I finally got the scratched-up camera lens on my iPhone replaced so I took a bunch of Instagram pictures this last week. They're so clear! Hooray!