April 23, 2012

Tessa's Favorites.

This video is proof that Tessa and I have actual conversations these days. It is soooooooooo fun, and she's just at that age where she sometimes says completely ridiculous things that make me die laughing. Toddlers supposedly laugh about 400 times a day compared to adults who laugh an average of 17 times a day. Thanks to Tessa, I split the difference.

It has to be said, though, that this video was taken on Friday during the late afternoon, after Tessa refused to take a nap at all. I was so desperately tired that all the energy I could muster was to dump a box of blocks on her bed, and lie there while she played them like a harmonica. (With her hair, she looks not entirely unlike a young, harmonica-playing Dylan, no?)

It was quite a bad day. The big girl bed scenario is not going well after all, and on this particular day, I tried everything to get her to go to sleep. I lay down with her for a half hour and pretended to be asleep while she tugged on my eyelashes and pinched my nose shut and pet me like a dog; then I tried letting her cry in her crib for awhile, and then I literally went into her room and kneeled down like a prayer, peered at her through the slats in her crib and begged her to go to sleep. I cried, y'all. She said, "Wha's wrong, mama?" but my tears weren't enough to guilt her into sleep. It's just that that two-to-three- hour reprieve that her nap grants me each day is so vital to my sanity. Here's hoping for a week full of long, languid naps!


  1. I had a day like this yesterday and the previous week I had to work 60+ hours. All she wanted to do was be with me and I just needed some down time. I felt so guilty wanting a break because of last week and next week I am traveling for work....ahhh.

    But right before she went to sleep we had this amazing family dance. amazing.

  2. she is too cute!! it's so hard some days. hang in there mama. you are doing a great job! xo

  3. She's super cute :)

    AND....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know what I mean ;)

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