June 28, 2012

Stuff I Love: Belly Wear.

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With Tessa, I was pregnant during the dead of winter, and I just went straight to the nearest maternity store and bought lots of blah basics, which were thrilling just because they were maternity, which was unchartered territory to me. But by the time I was full-term, I had fully lost touch with my style.

This time, it's hot and steamy, and (so far) I'm having more fun dressing around the belly without losing the things that make my style my own. I'm trying, too, to buy as few actual maternity pieces as possible, though I have picked up some must-haves like a maternity swimsuit, denim shorts, and aqua-colored skinny jeans (obviously crucial). Instead, I'm looking for blousy, loose stuff that will work post-pregnancy. Like, I need a kimono. Nekos thinks it's hilarious that I am kimono hunting, but it's a fact.

And don't you think being pregnant is the perfect excuse to splurge on shoes and accessories instead of garments? I do! That said, ASOS's maternity clothes are my absolute favorite. Like the floral dress above for $29? So pretty. And if my budget allowed it, I would totally hit up Hatch Collection. Do you have any maternity clothing favorites?


  1. You have to pay for overseas shipping (although I don't remember it being a lot, maybe $10), but I spent about 85 GBP (so like $130) at New Look (http://www.newlook.com/shop/maternity_1920017) and got four dresses and a pair of low wedge lace-up sandals that would work when my feet turned into biscuits. TOTALLY worth it for those last couple of months when regular clothes start to look weird (rising front hems, stretched out bellies, etc). ASOS was a fave for sure, and stretchy things from the Target Juniors department in a size or two larger than you'd normally wear. Oh, and I cannot forget to mention the AA high waisted interlock pencil skirt. MAGIC, I tell you. xx Bridge