June 27, 2012

Stuff I Wore: 18 Weeks.

Tomorrow I'm 18 weeks pregnant, and in two weeks we get to find out the gender! Nekos totally thinks it's a boy, and I'm totally unsure. I have really waffled about which I want, too, so that all I really want now is whatever we're having. And if he or she could be a little less of a handful than Tessa is, that would be awesome, too. Tessa is having the biggest mommy phase of her life. She'll hardly let anyone else hold her, and she wants me to hold all 31 lbs. of her at all times. I'm the beneficiary of lots of slobbery, lingering, intense kisses, and I'm trying to soak it all up; it's as though she's cherishing her last few months as my only. Little does she know she will always, always be my baby, and no one could ever take her place. Aaaand I just teared up writing that. But, for serious. 

I am finally "showing." It takes me awhile because I'm 5'11" barefoot, but still, this is sooner than I bellied up with Tessa. I love every bit of a pregnant woman's belly, including my own. 

So Sashay Shoes was kind enough to send me these rad platforms months ago, when I was too busy hanging my head over a toilet to lace them up. This is their "Whitney" shoe, which is on sale for $22 on the site right now. I love that Sashay is based out of Nashville, and that it keeps its focus on a small, curated collection of shoes for any budget. They just stocked the online shop with summer shoes, and $2 from every sale goes to Transitions Housing, an East Nashville organization. Give them a peep. Seriously cute shoes for a steal.   

Other outfit deets:

Tee - H&M
Tank - Free People
Belt - Free People
Maternity skinnies - Target (from when I was pregnant with Tessa)