June 25, 2012

Summer Loves.

This morning I was driving Tessa to her Mother's Day Out program and she said, "Mama, it's hot outside."

"It is," I said. "Very. That's because it's summertime. But summer is my very favorite season because it's hot and sunny and we get to play in water and go to the pool. There are more things to do, and everyone seems more cheerful. It's a happy time."

"I like summer, too," said Tessa, in a hurry. "It's happy. But it's hot outside. Very."

I do. I love summer so much. I'm even happy to be pregnant during the summer because although I don't like being pregnant, being in the midst of, to me, the happiest time of the year lifts my spirits. There are more things to do, more options for play, more parties that linger outside with the fireflies, more talk of tending vegetable gardens and going for ice cream. And the tomatoes this time of year! To our relief Tessa has taken to the water this summer. Last year she was so scared of the pool and clung to me like a wet cat. We couldn't figure out why; maybe it's because her hair is such a pain the ass to wash and comb and she's gotten a bad association with bath time and water and the hairbrush that comes afterward? Now, though, she loves nothing more than going to the "waterpark" (the fountains near downtown Nashville) or to the swimming pool at the YMCA.