July 10, 2012

The Beach ... in Nashville!

We don't have a vacation planned at any point in the near future. As someone who sort of lives her life from one anticipated vacation to another, I've done my fair share of fretting about this. But we've been trying to create lots of mini adventures this summer to quench our thirst for the beach.

I've heard for years about Nashville's Anderson Road Recreation Area at Percy Priest Lake but felt dubious about how great a faux beach could really be. But after breakfast at our favorite greasy spoon on Saturday morning, we headed out to give it a go. As soon as we got there, it was like, ahhhhhhh. We had a ball, the three of us. Can't wait to go back again and again, next time with floats.  


  1. awesome!!! much needed large body of water to float in when pregnant. enjoy. xo

  2. Funny! I just checked out going her on Monday and we are planning to go on Saturday! Perfect.

  3. i want to go here! i saw a picture on a friend's instagram last week. of course now it is raining, maybe it will let up by next week. was it very crowded? it doesn't look like it from your pictures