July 2, 2012

Stuff I Love: Handmade for the Littles.

Yesterday I got several blissful hours to sew this bag for Tessa. I used chambray and this colored pencil fabric that I had and blew up this font, called Unicorn, in Photoshop. Her old carry-all had been through the ringer, and I finally tossed it a couple of weeks ago. 

In our house, Tessa's "schedule" is dictated by whether or not I get an email from my boss in the morning saying "Urgent! Urgent!" ... or not. In other words, we are often throwing things into her bag to head off to Mother's Day Out or drop-in daycare or grandma's house so I can steal away to write for a few hours. Her bag is our lifeline. And this one, little mistakes and all, I love. I've used this pattern before; it's from the Handmade Home book, but I made it six inches wider and longer than the pattern called for and added wider straps + the lettering. 

Also, I had to share these finds. My mom and I collected them from the Porter Flea Market/Craft Fair in Nashville a few weeks ago. I was feeling weird about not having begun to feather the new baby's nest. This, I think, is a great start. That little lion is a rattle! And you better believe that bonnet has bear ears.