August 22, 2012

Bribery by Lollipop.

Potty training Tessa is slow going around here. (My fault, not Tessa's; I just gotta get serious about it.) When we first started doing it a bit, we bought a huge bag of Dum-Dum lollipops to reward her each time she managed to "go" in her frog potty--thus unlocking the secret to getting Tessa to do whatever we want her to. I'm not saying we're model parents by bribing our two year old with garbage, but I get a laugh out of the motley purposes Nekos and I have used miniature "ya-yee-pops" for. I especially like them to avoid public meltdowns and car crying; Nekos has a thing for bribing her to eat her meals, most of which she looks at with utter disdain. Whatever works.

Here are some of the things we've bribed Tessa to do or not do with the promise of a Dum-Dum:
  • Pee in the potty.
  • Not throw a tantrum.
  • Stop throwing a tantrum.
  • Stop crying in the car. 
  • Go to bed/take a nap. 
  • Eat a bite of a vegetable. 
  • Try a new food. 
  • Let us put clothes or shoes on her. 
  • Sit down/sit still.
  • Take a bath. 
  • Let us comb her hair without screaming like a banshee. 
Sometimes we even give her one just because she's cute.


  1. Oh how we sympathize. Especially with that last one. Banshee? Wait till the two work together in Wonder Twin fashion. "Wonder twin powers activate, form of 1) Screaming Banshee 2) tornado of destruction." No matter what though, you two made a beautiful baby girl!

  2. That is cute! When potty training my niece I made her a sticker chart. We designed it together and made a big deal out of picking out stickers that she loved. Everytime she pottied she got either 1 or 2 stickers depending on what she did. At the end of each week if she filled her chart she got a small prize after a month she got bigger prize. I found it helpful to not use pull ups if you can. I don't think kids can tell the difference between a pullup and a diaper.

  3. Haha! Cute! can I make a suggestion? Hope I don't sound like a pushy know it all mommy. C if u can find natural lollipops without food coloring because that stuff can make them behave worse!

  4. That's to stinking funny! Don't worry you're not bad parents, you gotta do what you gotta do to keep your sanity sometimes! I'm sure you're a great mom, good luck with the potty training. Don't give up!

  5. Giving it to her because she's cute is the best reason (and she is darling!!). A little bribery never hurt anyone. Hope it helps you guys!