August 23, 2012

Stuff I Made: Painted, Rebuilt Desk.

I'm starting to work on Tessa's new bedroom; hers is easy because I know her personality: Bright! and pink! and energetic! I ordered this duvet cover from Land of Nod because it's plain awesome and will stand up to paw prints and whatever Tessa has in store for it.

We also needed a dresser for her clothes that don't hang in the closet but because we're trying to save money I decided to repurpose this old desk, which was mine when I was a kid and during college but which has since been mildewing in our basement. Total yuck. All the molded particle board in the back had to be replaced and the molded drawers taken apart and rebuilt with new wood (for a grand total of $10) before I started to paint it. In other words, this ended up being the most time intensive furniture project I've taken on recently. And if it hadn't been mine as a kid I would have put it in the back alley and let the trash man take it away, but sentiment is a powerful thing.

We just painted this room yellow in March, right before I got pregnant, so it's going to stay this color with a yellow-pink-blue color scheme.

I actually ended up using four of Annie Sloan's chalk paint colors to do this desk: Old White, Antoinette, Paris Gray and Louis Blue. Then I waxed it and distressed it lightly. 

Can't wait to do the big reveal of her room when it's finished!