August 13, 2012

The Littlest Diva.

This past Saturday Tessa got to walk the runway again at the Tomato Art Festival in our East Nashville 'hood. She wore a little vintage white dress from The Hip Zipper and let me pin her curls back in the front. (Look how much she's changed since last year's show!) While I was getting ready myself, she gave herself an arm party with my rubber bands and then insisted on keeping the party going during the show. For all of her pre-show bravery and comments about wanting people to clap for her and wanting to eat a hot dog afterwards, she got pretty flummoxed when it was her turn and pretty much leapt off the catwalk and into my mom's arms. Aw, Lawdy. She can never resist the lure of her Yaya. 

Thanks so much to Erika Chambers Photography for letting me republish these photos here!