September 25, 2012

Tessa at Two and a Half.

She's a little stinker. Can't you tell that just by looking at these pictures? 

Don't the crinkled eyes and pursed lips say everything I could already tell you about how fully exasperating and challenging and hilarious our days are? Doesn't the tilt of her head imply that she's been carried kicking and screaming out of more than a few restaurants in her day?

Tessa hit her half birthday mark this month, and we are as obsessed with her as ever. She blows us away with her mad conversational skills, with her dance moves, with her memory, which can summon the details of who was there, what we ate, and what was said months after the fact. 

I question her recollection, but my own mom swears up and down that I was a perfect baby--no tantrums, no sleep or food issues, nothing but sweetness and independent play. One big long baby walk on the beach. Tessa, on the other hand, is a tapestry of personality. Though Nekos's mom passed away three years ago, I like to imagine that if I asked her she would tell me that Tessa is just like he was. 

I will tell you that for as challenging as Tessa can be (just a few days ago I was dragging her into the car while she was biting me, and there was a tantrum over a free Kroger cookie that made me want to disappear), she is far more sweet than she could ever be sassy. She gives the best hugs of anyone I know, knows just what to say to make me laugh when I'm sad, and shows immense empathy toward others' feelings. Her love of life and adventure inspires my own. 

Oh, and I think we almost have the hang of this potty training thing. She is in panties all the time now, except for naps and bedtime, and her accidents are happening less often, although they continue to be memorable. Yesterday, for instance, nowhere near a public bathroom, I tried to teach her that it's OK to pop a squat outside sometimes. Like in a parking lot. She thought that was fantastic, and now wants to take all of her business into the great outdoors. 

She seems to be really excited about becoming a big sister and asks me at random, "Is Livvy still in your tummy?" And when I say "yes," she says, "Aw, she gonna be so sweet." 

Yes, she is, Tess, and so are you.  


  1. A really nice post, pretty much capturing Tessa to a T!

  2. She is such a beauty. Her hair is just ... omg, too much cuteness. I love that she can already remember minutiae at the tender age of 2 and a half.

  3. You guys sure do make cute kids! I can't wait to see what Livvy looks like :)

  4. My best friends little girl turned 2 a month (almost to the day) before her baby sister was born. She regularly would say " I am tired of waiting Rose can come out now." or she would knock on her mommys belly and say " Rose it is time to come out." She would regularly kiss her baby sister too! 2 year olds are exasperating and amazing at the same time!!

  5. Your daughter is beautiful! My great niece has that same adorable hair, and there's something about it that is just so dang CUTE. I don't know, but I love it and I'm kind of jealous.

  6. i love this ellen. again - you write w/ such perfect detail. and those pictures! she's gorgeous!!!

  7. i wish she and Lily could play together. i know they would totally get along. i got the same old navy dress for Lily. unfortunately she won't wear hers till february. maybe

  8. Your daughter is a doll. She has the same kind of hair that I do and for the longest I was relaxing it. It looks great relaxed, so full of body, bounce and shine BUT it makes my hair so weak. I decided to stop with all the chemicals. Now my hair looks just like hers, except I might be a little thinner and i have to tame it every morning for work. I have to spray it with hair detangler (Just for me), comb with a wide tooth comb, mist a little water on it then add some curling mouse LOL. I hardly ever use shampoo on it but condition every other day. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I spend more time on my hair than any other task in my LIFE!!! Its nice to have options though:-) LOL.