November 8, 2012

A Robe for the Hospital.

So I have this theory.

It is that every woman who is about to give birth should buy herself a really beautiful robe to wear in the hospital when she has her baby.

I'm not talking about wearing it when you actually give birth to your baby, but when you're hosting visitors in the days afterward and you're feeling halfway exhilarated and halfway terrified by your body newly minus baby. This robe can't be huge or lumpy or terrycloth. It also can't be small or sexy because there is obviously no need for sexy. It just needs to make the woman feel pretty and in her own style element even though what she actually feels is wrecked and distracted and exhausted. Oh, and hopelessly in love.

I splurged on an embroidered cotton robe from Anthropologie before I had Tessa, and I think it (or the absence of a hospital gown) helped make some of our first pictures that much more keepsake-y and it helped me feel more put-together. It's actually the robe I'm wearing in the previous post. This "birthing robe" is also a nice thing to have because every time you wear it afterwards you will remember how it figured into a crazy big time in your life.

It turns out that it's not easy to find a robe that fits this bill. Most robes are either big and hideous or scrawny and silky.

The only one I could really find that suits me is this Sweet Merriment Robe from Anthropologie...

I'm going to keep looking, but I'm running out of time. Liv is due three weeks from today!


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