December 3, 2012

Bathroom Mirror Maternity Series.

With Liv asleep in my lap, I had to put together all of my bathroom mirror belly pictures as one last goodbye to nine long--and yet oh so short--months of growing this baby girl. Pregnancy wore me out and made me feel like I had a terminal illness for the first four months. It worried me (can we afford two kids?) and thrilled me (most of all when we found out we were having a girl); it changed me, softened me, kept me warm. It yielded the best gift of all: a healthy, happy baby. I am grateful. 

Also, here are a few pregnancy photo shoots we did at 18 weeks, 21 weeks, and 25 weeks. Goodbye, pregnancy! She was worth it.


  1. I sure hope I am as pretty as you when I am pregnant... even more so, I hope I have as healthy sweet children as the 2 of you.

  2. woah, look how she dropped by birth day! glad you are doing well.

  3. you did great!! it was a short pregnancy. from this end anyway ;)
    i have a great giveaway going on today. come see! xoxo

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