December 6, 2012

Tessa Talk, 2 Years, 8 Months.

Not complaining at all, but we're kind of running out of things to do as a family around the house. These are the last few days of Nekos's paternity leave, and even though we've taken Livvy out of the house a few times I still don't feel totally relaxed doing it. She's just so leeeetle, and I'm still working on reestablishing my mom-to-a-newborn sea legs. Not to mention breastfeeding in public, which is just so awkward with the baby and only the two arms that I have and the nursing cover and the nipples and all the other things and trying to keep it all PG and nonchalant.

Anyway, today we interviewed Tessa in our kitchen. Nekos does video production for a living so I knew I had to hit him up to do a family-related video while he was off from work. (This video was shamelessly inspired by Bleubird Vintage's recent interview with her toddler.) 

Here is our Tessa Jean at age two years, eight months: