January 25, 2013

Minty Fresh Kitchen Inspiration Board

Not sure when I would find the time to paint my kitchen since it took every second of my "free time" today to assemble this blog post, but a girl can dream ... and I have been dreaming of a mint-colored kitchen with white cabinets and sweet vintage dishes and pretty pops of easter egg colors. Maybe it's Nashville's dreary, evil, soul-less, freezing rain that's driving me into the arms of spring? 

The real question is: What's the perfect minty paint color? I've spent obscene amounts of time online recently "researching" this matter. Benjamin Moore has baffled me with its array of mints; three of my frontrunners can be found below, along with snapshots from lots of bright and dreamy kitchens. 
via: 1, 2, 3
via (clockwise): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 78

I've also been thinking a lot lately about color flow--a concept that was foreign to me until a few weeks ago. Benjamin Moore writes about it on their site, but it was The Decorologist's lovely home, which repeats the same paint colors throughout, that introduced me to the importance of color flow. I've got lots and lots of colors here at home, but none of them are flowing. I didn't know they needed to flow. But they totally do! They need to! I'm going to make it happen, y'all.

So I want to know: Have any of you undertaken painting your kitchen cabinets? It seems like an impossibly large task because there's not only the outside to paint, but, you know, the inside, too. 


  1. The kitchen's gonna be a b-i-g project so take your own sweet time! The light green should "flow" into the dining room's fabric wall and goes so well with the light purple/violet in the dining room.

  2. Pretty sure we're kindred spirits in home decor. :) LOVE it all! I was going to paint my cabinets ivory this past year, but pregnancy and life got busy, so just didn't happen. It's still a goal of mine~ I'm hopeful it will get done over my summerbreak from teaching. My sis did do hers though and she said she rented a sprayer so that when she had all the doors and drawers off and was done sanding everything down she could get a very even spray over her cupboard doors. She also painted her bathroom cupboard doors and she added a glaze as the last step~ they were beautiful! Finally, I've seen some magazines show clever ways to distress the doors too. One effect I loved was lashing a chain into cabinet surfaces to create a series of irregular grooves in the wood. (The neighbors might think you're a nutball while you're working on this project, but who cares you'll get a cool "aged" feel to your kitchen cupboards :)

  3. p.s. Thought of you when I saw this. Check out this bad boy:

  4. Check out Sherwin Williams "Cucumber". Carmen just painted her kitchen this color and I love it!