January 5, 2013

My Black Bathroom.

I was bowled over when a girlfriend of mine painted all the rooms in her new house either really dark (black or charcoal or chocolate) or bright white. Meanwhile, our house, especially our downstairs, looks like the inside of a Crayola box. The kitchen is butternut, the dining room is lavender, the living room is robin's egg blue. We love it like this (although we have been dreaming of a DIY kitchen redo that we hope to tackle soon. Inspiration here and here.). It fits the vibe of our Craftsman-style bungalow, and the vibe of us. My biggest takeaway, though, from my girlfriend's fab house was how dope her uber dark downstairs bathroom was.

Since then the web has been tempting me with more fabulous black rooms. My favorite examples are this bathroom and this bedroom. So I picked a room--the smallest room in my house, our downstairs guest bath--and went for it. I had my mind set on either Benjamin Moore's "Mysterious" or "Graphite," but my hardware store that pimps Benjamin Moore was closed so I went to Home Depot instead and picked up a can of Behr's "Sled," very similar to "Graphite." Here's another bathroom painted the same color.

The finished room:

Would you paint a room black?