February 18, 2013

A Ghost Story by Tessa Barnes

Tessa (who will be three at the end of next month!) is really into telling stories these days. First, she makes sure we're paying attention: "I'm going to tell you a story, OK? It's my turn to talk." Then she launches into a tale, one that she's clearly making up as she goes. She's also really into everything purple and pink, as well as ghosts and witches, so all of these things figure heavily into her stories. I love that my mom thought to write down one of them this weekend. It is so classic Tessa. It goes a little something like this:

"I was in my pink house, sleeping in my pink bed, and I was super tired, when I heard a noise. I thought that it was a witch. I got up and went into my pink kitchen and saw a ghost looking into my pink refrigerator. The refrigerator had a big spider on it, which the ghost chased away. Then the ghost began cooking lunch. He was cooking pasta. The ghost had black eyes. My daddy got magic markers and drew a pirate on the ghost. My mama came into the house and went into my pink kitchen. She scared the ghost away and it never, ever came back. Then we ate the ghost's pasta."

Also, one pic I really love of Tess and Liv:


  1. I love how much Livvy looks like Nekos! Those eyes

  2. That's a pretty sophisticated story-scene set, beginning, middle, end. Think you have another writer in the family :)

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