April 23, 2013

A Haint Blue Porch Ceiling.

My porch feels quintessentially Southern now. Getting it there has been a well-blogged-about process. First, I painted the front door Benjamin Moore's Wyeth Blue; that was last August. Then I painted stripes on the floor because ... obviously. Most recently, I painted the beadboard ceiling sky blue, known here in the south as "haint blue." I am in love with the mythology behind this decor choice; legend has it that the blue will chase away "haints," which are lost souls, restless apparitions that are still sticking around to stir up some no good. Plus, blue porch ceilings are said to deter bugs, tricking them into thinking it's the sky they're flying up into.

We want to do landscaping next. Not sure if the budget will allow for that this year, but we're definitely dreaming about big, fat flowering shrubs and meandering vines. For the record, this striped porch has proven to be a little high-maintenance, although I wouldn't take it back for anything. Still, rainy days mean paths of muddy footprints, so I've taken to mopping the porch once a week or so.

The porch ceiling paint project cost only about $5 (the cost of my roller brush) because I mixed the paint myself. First time ever doing that--it was fun! I mixed two colors of blue I had on hand, a little mint, plus some of the cream porch paint, to make enough to cover the ceiling.

Finally, I thrifted this little rattan chair last week. It is the most comfortable. 

We have been sitting for long spells out here, feeling Southern as hell. Which we are, happily.  


  1. That came out awesome! I love the stripes. I also love the idea of the Haint Blue ceiling chasing away bad souls/karma/no gooders. :)

  2. Looks awesome Ellen! I love the gray taupe with the blue; great combination

  3. It looks SO good! What an adorable house!

  4. What a welcoming porch Ellen. Love the colours. Love the feeling it gives you. Adorable house. Sweet home. Love from Sweden

  5. Well, here's what a professional gardener told me: those cheaper plants that we buy at krogers, wallmart, home depot or lowes can be just as good as from a gardener center!

    And a shrub that I bought on sale near the season's end is one of my success stories in my yard.

    So think cheap. If you are like me, many plants die anyway! So never pay big buck for them!

    M. for mom

  6. That's garden center and big bucks--it would be better if I proof read before I hit the button!

  7. Your hard work has definitely paid off, the porch looks fantastic. I appreciate the enthusiasm with which you decorate your home. I fully believe in the power of being surrounded by beauty. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I'd like to know your house color too! Your home is beautiful!

  9. Hi,

    Do you remember what color the siding is? Trying to build a house and loving this color combo!


  10. Very nice house and the color super cool...i found my dream house soon.