June 2, 2013

I Want...

I want to blog more in June.

I also want a disco ball in the house, tossing flecks of light all over the floors and walls. I flippin' love a mirrorball in a space where it would seem otherwise unexpected. It really doesn't get any more playful than that. But in which room should it go? Master bedroom or living room?

I want to layer a big jute area rug and a freckled cowhide rug on my living room floor.

I want to find the perfect high-waisted bikini because baby No. 2 left my body with something to remember her by--three ever-so-slowly-fading stretch marks below my navel, about which I am ever so self-conscious. I don't want anything too costumey; these things can tend to veer way far toward "pinup," which ain't me. 


I want to have my diamond reset in rose gold on a wedding anniversary when we have money to throw at something superfluous like that.

And speaking of my marriage, I want a date night with my husband. I wonder what that would be like. Those dates sure were easier to come by when we just had the one kid.

Well, at least I'm well on my way to getting the first thing I said I wanted.