June 27, 2013

Livvy // 7 months

Livvy ...

is seven months old. Has lots of toys but only has eyes for the dog's toy. Has four teeth with more en route. Is crawling everywhere and getting faster with every new day. Is tender and very happy. Is showing no signs of an afro. No longer interested in her Johnny Jump-up or her Exersaucer because she wants to go-go-go. Normally is go-go-going toward her daddy's record collection or wherever her sister is. Worships her sister and is worshiped in return. Also is obsessed with her mama, who feels the same about her. Has started saying "Dadadadada" on the regular. Has just started pulling up on things and can stand for 10 seconds or so unassisted. Insisted in not so many words that we install the baby gate at the top of the stairs A.S.A.P. and move her crib down a notch because she was starting to hang over the side while protesting bedtime with all her guts. Likes to eat anything that we put in front of her or spoon into her mouth. Sometimes loses her shit in the YMCA daycare, sometimes doesn't. Has not notified us about what's up regarding this. Goes to stay at grandma's one night a week. Loves grandma. Is missed terribly while she's at grandma's. Loves milk but gets increasingly distracted while drinking it. Sleeps from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. most every night. Is well loved.


  1. I love her and look so forward to keeping her this Saturday and to showing her off at church on Sunday morning!

  2. She is so freaking adorable Ellen!! Love this post!

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